Sustainability Audits:

We find a lot of people feel a responsibility to adopt a more "sustainable" lifestyle, but have a hard time defining what sustainability might actually mean, much less envision concrete steps to move in that direction. There's a lot of misinformation out there and it takes some experience and expertise to sort through it all. We can help with that. It's very possible, in fact necessary, for any project seeking sustainability to conduct rigorous audits of costs, through-puts, and impact--audits that provide real analysis and quantifiable interpretations. We offer guidance with such audits. How big of a garden do I need to provide for myself or my family? Do solar panels make sense for my project? Is a given piece of property viable as a homestead? How do I most effectively modify my lifestyle to, in fact, lessen my impact on our precious planet? We can provide thoughtful, well researched answers to such questions--and provide help and proven solutions. If you're serious about such things, and need a hand, please contact us. One can, with some diligence, not just lessen one's impact, but in reality become a positive influence: To live truly sustainably demands nothing else.