Our Internship Program:

Are you interested in living a constructive, hopeful lifestyle in the manner in which we do? We can help.

We offer at Kilauea Silviculture offer a unique opportunity for interns to participate in our six week program where one will be exposed to not only the management of our 9 acre property, but also in our co-management of other successful sustainable agricultural enterprises on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our trainees will enjoy an intensive program where all of the aspects of operating a small homestead will be encountered--not only the details of planting--but basic forestry, carpentry, construction, mechanical maintenance as well. Perhaps most importantly, students will be exposed to the crucial business skills required of a successful farm project. We want you to succeed and you will need to know all of this and more! Upon successful completion of the program and demonstration of aptitude, we will work closely with you to develop and submit a business plan to our dedicated group of investors who are eager to make a positive difference in the world by financing responsible sustainable projects such as you will develop. Please contact us for information and an application packet. We are selective, not all applicants are accepted and fees will apply.